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how do i get started?

To get started head, to our Products + Packages page to select the itinerary you are interested in. You will then schedule a phone consultation (only if you purchased the Full Course itinerary) so that we can learn more about you. The phone consultation via Zoom will last 15 minutes. From there you will receive a customized itinerary in 7 business days.

how do i receive my custom itinerary?

Your personalized itinerary will be sent to you via PDF. That way, your plan for the day will be easily accessible and at your fingertips for a seamless outing.


We’re glad you asked. Some reservations will in fact require advance payment (i.e. spa services, activities, etc.). If an advance payment is required, you will be notified via email and there will be a 3.5% surcharge added to the cost required to book. Planned. will make the payment on our own card and charge your card separately for added security.

what if i changed my mind/plans fell through?

Planned. does not offer refunds for any reason after a purchase has been made. We do understand that plans fall through or if you’ve had a change of heart. Typically, itineraries are created so that each place can be visited whenever, fitting to your schedule. If you’ve purchased a Full Course plan, you can make one revision to your itinerary if for any reason things don’t go as planned. You can request to make a revision to your Full Course itinerary via email up to two days prior to your scheduled/desired date.

can i edit/customize my itinerary once receiving it via google docs?

When we begin planning your taste or full course itinerary, you will then receive a copy of your completed agenda via PDF. You can then choose to make changes once if you have the FULL COURSE plan before we send you a finalized copy. After sending you a finalized copy, you will not nor will Planned. be able to edit the itinerary.

Revisions must be requested no later than two days before scheduled itinerary.

can i go to the activities and restaurants out of order?

At Planned. we take our time to thoughtfully curate a smart and seamless outing for you. Every restaurant and activity is planned so that it is most convenient for you location wise. That being said, it is completely up to you to go to the advised locations in any order you please but we strongly advise against it as it can throw off the ease of the itinerary.

i’ve had a phone consultation, now what?

Once we have a schedule phone consultation we can then begin planning your customized outing. The turn around time will depend on your desired date of the outing but on average you can expect your itinerary delivered to you within 7 business days unless otherwise requested/discussed.

i used your services, now what?

Planned. loves creating your dream itineraries for you! We ask that if you share on social media to please use the hashtag #plannedbylauren so that we can also share on our social media platforms. Remember, sharing is caring. If you would like to take it a step further, we would love if you reached out and sent a testimonial/review with 2-3 sentences about your service received. Emails can be sent to