5 things every mom will love for Mother's Day

5 things every mom will love for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a special day for everyone. Whether you are a mother, you will be a mother (congrats), or you have a mother in your life, it’s sure to be a day filled with memories.

When we think of Mother’s Day, images of breakfast in bed, flowers from the garden, and handmade cards adorned with kid’s handwriting comes to mind. But, what if we stepped outside of the box a bit and shook things up?

Yep, we’re stepping outside of our norms and trying something new for a change. I’ve curated a list of five things mom is sure to love and you’ll be thanked immensely for it.

  1. Plan her a trip/outing

    Hint, hint. This one was a given but seriously, send mom away for a change. We like to think taking the special lady in our life out for a noisy, kid-filled brunch would earn us brownie points, but most times it gets us muffled grumbles of annoyance. Do you all a favor and give a mom a day (or a weekend, big spender) to herself. She’ll come back a renewed woman. And, to save yourself the stress, book through Planned. and let us do the hard work.

  2. Get her a gift card

    Hand her a gift card to her favorite place to shop and you’ll be person of the year. What’s better is not giving her grief when she finally decides to redeem it (this is for the men out there). Also, there are so many gift card options. Think big. Like King Spa in Niles, Visa gift card that she can use anywhere, or her favorite nail salon (she deserves that mani/pedi).

  3. Let her stay in bed

    This one may seem simple, yet it’s anything but. Being able to lounge around under the covers and not have to listen to “Mom, I’m hungry” is invaluable. Trust me. Do her a real solid and take the kids somewhere. Let her have the house to herself and encourage to not fill her time completing her laundry list of things to do. Wanna take it a step further? Order her favorite food to be delivered. Major brownie points.

  4. Take her on a date

    As old fashioned as a date may seem, they’re always a good idea. Arrange a sitter and take your leading lady out for a nice date, just the two of you. Try the likes of a romantic fondue dinner, steakhouse (Chicago is brimming with them), or maybe even for a fun activity like darts. The options are endless and this will surely be a memorable time for the both of you.

  5. In-home facial/massage

    Did you know in-home facials are a thing? Like, there are licensed estheticians and massage therapists who will come to your home and take you to pampered heaven? Well now you know. Be the Mother’s Day hero, book this service, and be sure to leave the house so she can experience maximum relaxation.

Whatever you choose to do for the mom in your life, make sure it’s done with her in mind. Think to yourself “Is this something she would truly enjoy or is this more for me?” One more bonus idea: Make her a custom perfume. That way, she’s sure to think of you every time she wears it.

To all my moms out there, Happy early Mother’s Day. You deserve the world.

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